Three vital and costly Blood Analyzer machines needed by NRH

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Dear Editors

THE Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS has reportedly sought approval of S$1,308, 800, under the Supplementary Appropriation Bill (2018) to purchase three Blood Analyzer Machines for the National Referral Hospital, citing one machine, a Chinese manufactured and supplied one, broke down after just one year and another machine has “outlived its life span.”

The machines are considered as vital equipment for the NRH to be able to carry out testing and to deliver treatment and patient care.

It is my understanding that such equipment is normally delivered with a one year warranty and usually the purchaser then enters into a follow-service agreement with the supplier.

I do not know whether a follow-up service agreement was entered into in respect of the Chinese machine said to have broken down after the first year. If one was in place, it would be usual for the machine to be inspected by a repair technician, fixed and made operable, or re-set if that were needed.

With such vital and expensive equipment it surely is best practice to always enter into a service agreement.

I believe China prides itself on its export products and if the machine in question was in any way faulted when purchased then the manufacturer must surely bear some responsibility for its very early reported breakdown.

The MHMS appears to be seeking the S$1,308,800 to acquire the new machines from New Zealand to ensure their reliability but the cost of the machines seem very high.

I have looked at similar machines advertised on the Indonesian Government website and they are offered at considerably lower cost, less shipping charges, including one German manufactured machine.

I have relayed my observations and comments to the doctors at the NRH in the hope they might be of some help when deciding on the replacement machines so necessary for the proper functioning of hospital care and patient treatment.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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