Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. Photo supplied.
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Country records another covid-19 positive student in Chengs quarantine centre


The country has recorded its third case of covid-19.
The patient, a student in the Philippines repatriation flight, was detected in his third mandatory covid test and like all cases so far, he is asymptomatic.

He has been transferred to the national referral hospital (NRH) isolation unit, where the first two cases are also be kept.
It is highly likely that he had contracted the virus here, while in quarantine.

Government is quick to reassure citizens that covid-19 is being contained within the walls of the Chengs quarantine centre.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, announcing the third case in his special nationwide address yesterday, said, “Today (yesterday), I again stand here to inform the nation that we now have our third confirmed case of covid-19. He was diagnosed overnight during the routine 3rd test under our testing protocol for all returning nationals.

“The person is a student that came on the repatriation flight from Philippines. Contact tracing has commenced to establish the possible source of infection.

“The person has been transferred to the National Referral Hospital Isolation Unit for further observations and management.
“Like our first two positive cases, this person does not show any signs of illness,” Sogavare said.

Government, earlier this week, had warned that more cases were likely to occur after an assessment on the Chengs quarantine centre found that the students there had been breaching rules and guidelines by ‘mingling’ and ‘congregating’.

So, the latest case comes as no surprise, Mr Sogavare said.
“We are therefore relieved that we only record one additional positive case, because there could have been more. So, we thank our Heavenly father he is still looking after our nation and our students.

“The results of the upcoming fourth round of testing under our protocol which will take place between days 19 and 21 after arrival in the country which will be between Sunday 18th and Tuesday 20th October, will give as a better indication on status and the likely projection of the Covid-19 infection in the country,” said Sogavare.

He assures public that the covid-19 outbreak is contained within the Chengs quarantine station.

“I have been reassured that our students in Chengs quarantine station are now taking their responsibilities seriously. I thank the students for this.

“Fellow citizens, it is important for the students and the public to know that if we contain and eliminate covid-19 from the Chengs quarantine station, we will assume our covid-19 free status again.

“So, to all our students, our frontline workers, and all of us, we have a collective responsibility to work together to ensure the covid-19 virus does not go beyond the walls of the quarantine station,” he said.

Photo: Supplied