They’ve all gone

Kabui makes a return to Lawson Tama

By Taromane Martin

FOR nineteen years old Frank Kabui returning to the Lawson Tama Stadium is not new having already won the Solomon Cup with the Malaita Eagles senior football team last year.

This time around Kabui is leading the Malaita Eagles U-19 team, having been named team captain, as they look to repeat the senior men’s team feat at the Youth Solomon Cup which kicked off yesterday.

The Lau-Mbaelelea lad told Sun SPORTS yesterday that the nerves of playing at Lawson Tama have all gone and is confident their team can go far and win this tournament.

“I wasn’t a hundred percent confident of playing during the Solomon Cup because it was my first time to play in front of the Lawson Tama crowd,” he said.

“But after last year’s experience with the senior squad, I’m now one hundred percent confident and ready to play at Lawson Tama this time around.

“The nerves have all gone. I no longer feel the buzz of playing in front of the crowd. And that was our problem in the first half.

“The first half I think the new one’s weren’t that confident but we improved in the second half,” he said following their win over Real Kakamora yesterday.

He said he was surprised when he was chosen team captain and believes the new ones confident will grow as the competition rolls on.

“I was surprised when they named me captain because I’m younger than some of the boys in the squad.

“I think the boys will improve as the competition goes on because for most of them this is their first time to play at Lawson Tama,” he said.

Kabui also praised the SIFF Executive for providing such youth tournaments’ saying it is such an honour to grow up in the time football is growing again.

“For this Eagles squad we’re pleased that SIFF has brought back such tournaments because it will help build our confidence to play,” he said.

Malaita Eagles picked up their first win after defeating Makira Ulawa Real Kakamoras 4-2 yesterday.

Malaita Eagles will have their rest today as they regroup to take on Honiara Warriors at 1pm tomorrow.

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