There’s still time: Allen

Marist wants final friendly


MARIST FC Head Coach Jerry Allen says there is still enough time for his side to prepare as they wait to take on Team Wellington of New Zealand on February 24.

Coach Allen who led Papua New Guinea club Hekari United FC to victory during the 2009-2010 edition of the OFC Champions League will be in charge of Marist FC as they host Group D of the tournament here in Honiara.

On Saturday at the SIFF Academy, Marist FC played KOSSA FC in their third friendly match, defeating them 1-0.

Despite the win, the coach said there are areas his side still needs to improve on and is hoping to have one more friendly match before their first match.

“Yes we will have enough time to work on these areas. Especially on our finishing, our middle third, center and forward,” Coach Allen said.

“We must make sure we have options up fronts and make sure our forwards create chances in order for us to score.

“Sometimes defenders play their part really well while the forwards lacked performance. Scoring is important.

“If we play good football but don’t score we lose but if you play bad football but you score goals you’ll win.

“This is competition time. If we want to win then we have to stand strong. Like I tell the players, we will have the home advantage. This is their moment to shine and give it their all,” he adds.

The coach admitted scoring goals is a problem for his side and hopes to have one more friendly match to improve his combination before the 24th.

“Yes scoring is a big problem for us. I always challenge the boys especially our forwards and mid fielders. We must score goals, that is their task, if we don’t score goals then it will be a problem,” he said.

“We’ll need to work on it and I hope the boys we’ll figure it out before the competition kicks off.

“I would like to have one more friendly. But I’m not going to confirm with which team yet because our friendly with KOSSA was an impromptu one.

“We have one more weekend left so yes I would very much like to have one more friendlily probably this weekend.

“So yes if one more it will be really good because it will help me identify who will start

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