Guadalcanal MPA, Rose Tala was instrumental in warding off a motion of no confidence tabled against Premier, Francis Sade last week
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Female member hailed a ‘true leader’


GUADALCANAL’S only female provincial member has been hailed the “rock” of the Francis Sade-led Government.

Rose Tala, who is also Minister for Women, Youth and Sports, stood toe-to-toe with Premier Sade to ward off a motion of no-confidence the non-executive tabled against him, Thursday.

“You are the rock of this government,” Sade told Tala after the mover Cecil Manakako of Wanderer Bay ward, withdrew the motion.

“You have been offered a vehicle and a large amount of money to move to the other side, but you turned down the offer,” the premier continued.

“You believe in stability and a better future for the people of Guadalcanal when you rejected this attempted bribe.

“You have demonstrated what true leadership is.

“I know you will be targeted by the lobbyists and my fear is you’ll easily fall for whatever is offered to you to cross the floor.

“But now I know you are a leader who cannot be drag by the nose.

“You stood your ground because you love your people and province.

“In fact it was through your steadfastness during these difficulties and challenges over the past days and weeks that kept our government together.

“You are the rock of this government,” Sade said.

Sade, a first-time premier and provincial member, was challenged for the leadership position after he took legal action against Sino Capital, a Malaysian logging company that has been operating in the province in the last 10 years.

He stated the logging company failed to pay his province business licence fees worth around $1.5 million.

His government had suspended Sino’s operations and asking the High Court to stop the logging company’s operations on Guadalcanal.

The case is before the High Court.

Sade believes the motion to oust him was sponsored by loggers.

Rose Tala has confirmed she was offered a vehicle and around $70,000 if she switch sides.

She claimed the spouse of a serving national MP from Guadalcanal sent her the offer via text message.

Tala said she disregarded the offer because she does not believe in bribery.

“Guadalcanal needs leaders who stand for the interest of their people; not those who fall for bribes,” she said.

Sade said he believes Tala is a potential future premier of Guadalcanal.

“I will not be surprised if you set history and become the first female premier for Guadalcanal,” he said.