The next will be a big one: Pana Festival


Olevugha (Olex) Women Dancing Group who performed during the 2018 Independence Cruise Pana Festival as well. PHOTO CREDIT

THE next Pana Festival at Ngella to be organised soon coming next year according to its organizing committee should be more in terms of its showcases and set-ups.

Kenneth Sagupari speaking to Island Sun said plans will not delay as they will be going according to plans as soon as possible within coming days meaning they are starting preparations now.

The ‘Pana Festival’ held for the first time at Ngella by the Haroro Community and its surrounding communities coinciding with the 2018 Independence Cruise to mark Solomon Islands 40th Anniversary is history in the making for Ngella people to showcase a root crop having significant value in their tradition being part of their culture.

Many witnessing the showcases during the one day event included visitors attending the MACFest in Honiara as well.

It is understood that Ngella’s Pana Festival will be an annual event.

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