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Government pays 29 MPs $600k each under the stimulus package


MEMBERS of the Opposition and Independent Group are among 18 MPs who missed out on the $600,000 payout under the Economic Stimulus Package.

Only 29 Members of Parliament in the Government side received $600,000 each; a payout which was done on June 20.

This totals up to $17.4 million; which was reportedly paid to the 29 MPs to help them with their constituency programmes during this covid crisis.

Documents of Ministry of Finance and Treasury that leaked to social media this week confirmed this payout to the 29 MPs.

Permanent Secretary of MOFT, Mckinnie P Dentana said they will provide a well-informed press release on this momentarily when Island Sun enquired about the payout yesterday.

The Opposition Office confirmed their members have missed out on the payout.

The document shows that from the 29 MPs, four MPs from Guadalcanal and four from Western Province got total of $4.8 million.

Seven MPs of Malaita received a total of $4.2 million.

Two MPs of Makira Ulawa province, two from Choiseul and two from Central received total of $3.6 million.

The three MPs of Isabel Province received a total of $1.8 million.

Renbel and Honiara received total of $1.2 million.

The 29 constituencies that received $600,000 each are:

  1. Baegu Asifola Constituency
  2. Central Kwara’ae Constituency
  3. West Kwaio Constituency
  4. East Kwaio Constituency
  5. Lau Baelelea Constituency
  6. Fataleka Constituency
  7. East Malaita Constituency
  8. North Malaita Constituency
  9. North West Choiseul Constituency
  10. South Guadalcanal Constituency
  11. Ngella Constituency
  12. South New Georgia Rendova Constituency
  13. East Guadalcanal Constituency
  14. Maringe Kokota Constituency
  15. Ulawa Ugi Constituency
  16. Central Makira Constituency
  17. Temotu Nende Constituency
  18. Russells & Savo Constituency
  19. East Choiseul Constituency
  20. Temotu Pele Constituency
  21. Gao Bugotu Constituency
  22. North East Guadalcanal Constituency
  23. Ghizo Kolombangara Constituency
  24. West Honiara Constituency
  25. Temotu Vatud Constituency
  26. West Guadalcanal Constituency
  27. Marovo Constituency
  28. Rennell Bellona Constituency
  29. Hograno Kia Havulei Constituency