Small Malaita reminds govt of idea to split constituency


Member for Small Malaita Rick Houenipwela has called upon the Government to revisit the issue of constituency split, citing prolonged delays in addressing recommendations submitted several years ago.

Houenipwela made the statement in the floor of parliament yesterday highlighting the pressing need for action on the matter.

“It’s been years now and my people are still waiting,” he said.

He added saying South Malaita Constituency is one of the largest constituencies in Malaita province in terms of geographical and demographical wise and in terms of population.

Houenipwela confirmed the constituency leaders and community leaders have already mapped out alternative boundary however they have still waited on the authorities to carry on with the matter.

He then calls upon the Prime Minister to take on the issue on board and do appoint commissioner to work on the matter as soon as possible.

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