Thank you SEB

DEAR EDITOR, judging by a recent news article in the Solomon Star, complete with a photograph of the landscaping and beautification work done by Solo Enviro Beautification (SEB) Charitable Trust, it is clear that our thanks are due to the SEB team for the lovely gardens that now surround the US Monument on Skyline Ridge.

Ms Sue Mackie the Director and Manager of SEB was quoted in the Solomon Star article as saying of the work at Skyline.

“This is the most visited memorial in Honiara, hundreds of people sign the visitor’s book each month to come and visit this place,”

Mentioning the work of SEB, Ms Mackie added.

“Our services have already been established in the recent past years since the organisation became an independent NGO in 2007.

“As charitable trust, however, the ability to undertake the improvements and beatify parts of Honiara is largely dependent on funds available.

“SEB is reliant on sponsorship of corporate companies that placed sign boards on roundabouts and at sponsored locations and also those who donate directly to the organisation.

“Our goal is to continue to enhance and beatify the urban centres of Solomon Islands through the planting of roadside tress, landscape gardens, parks and recreational areas.

“As a result, we have recently upgraded the Children’s Park at Rove with a grant from the NZ government, through the HCC together with a public toilet.

“And the addition of several benches and further new equipment sponsored by SEB the area has become a popular meeting and resting place”.

Ms Mackie added the SEB provides an appealing and attractive urban surroundings for residents and visitors.

She said a new management team has arrived with considerable experienced skills in both the green business and administration and finance.

“With the ultimate goal of planting thousands of trees in and around the urban centres in Solomon Islands, SEB is always looking out for opportunities to turn small parts of the city into green parks.

“The vision of a town, which has plenty of green shady spaces, is one which will lift everyone’s spirits and make us all proud to live in Honiara.

“For overseas visitors, the provision of seating, shade trees and attractive planting at tourist sites leave a happy memory of the country as they pass through our shores.

“Meanwhile, we are all waiting anxiously for the major road construction work to be completed and we will continue to provide more green plant landscaping and many trees along the route from Henderson to White River,”Ms Mackie said.”

Thank you SEB and keep up your excellent work in continuing to green and beautify the national capital.

Please help the charity with generous donor support.

Yours sincerely



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