Thank you my Rennell/Bellona people: PM

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has acknowledged the dignity and pride of the people of Rennell/Bellona province whom have dedicated their invaluable service to Solomon Islands.

The Prime Minister in his speech to mark the 25th Second Appointed Day Silver Jubilee celebrations in Tigoa, Rennell Island, has thanked and congratulated the working population and the people of Renbel province for their valuable contributions to the country.

“Please allow me to acknowledge, and at the same time, congratulate our working population in this wonderful part of our country, who have worked tirelessly with dignity and pride, with commitment and resilience, and with noble dedication, in the building of this country and province to make it what it is today,” Houenipwela said.

He said despite difficulties and challenges faced throughout the years he also acknowledged the provincial workers for their priceless contributions.

“I thank the administrators, financial managers, planners, nurses, police, teachers, other public officers, community workers, business people and their organisations, church and community leaders, local politicians, NGOs and all stakeholders for their contributions in developing this province and the country as a whole,” he said.

The Prime Minister assured the people of Renbel province that despite the challenges the people face as a country; his Government remain committed and will continue to support Rennell/Bellona province.

“The National Government, through its various Ministries and Agencies, will continue to work with the provincial government in supporting you to achieve the development aspirations of your provincial government and its good people,” he said.

He said the national government will continue to provide resources and technical assistance to cater for the province’s human resource needs, financial needs, socio-economic aspirations and guidance in making policy decisions and encouraging active participation and cooperation with our people to ensure that development does take place in this province.

“The journey ahead is challenging but we must work together and make sacrifices to ensure we chart the future we want for our next generation,” he said.


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