‘Testing our frontline agencies response capabilities during the lockdown’

Primary aim of the simulated lockdown is to test and assess the response capabilities of frontline agencies to protect us from the deadly coronavirus delta strain.

Senior technical advisor to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Dr Yogesh Choudhri, in a media briefing yesterday said “COVID-19 keeps changing thus we have to tighten our procedures.

“We ensure to be a step ahead of the virus in our preparation plans.

“This lockdown will put to test the health scenarios such as contact tracing in the event a surge of virus cases in the city, our connection with the wider Guadalcanal Province, the extra facilities identified to cater for a surge of positive cases and other factors at play.”

National Disaster Council Chair Dr Melchoir Mataki explained that lockdown is part and partial of government measures to protect the country from covid-19 such as the nationwide vaccination campaign and the border restriction.

Mataki emphasised though the lockdown is simulation in nature, it is real and the public must take note of the consequences of any breach.

Director of the National Disaster Council Loti Yates also highlighted the need to conduct a trial lockdown to test out certain function of the response mechanisms.

“This will prepare our frontline agencies to relook into their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“The role National Disaster Operation Sector Committees played during a lockdown period is important and it will be put to test again after its revision since last year.

“Acceptance from those in the emergency zone is needed though it will cause inconvenience,” Loti said.

From the outset of this global crisis, the goal of the Government has always been to safeguard the health, social and economic security of Solomon Islanders by:

a) Minimising the risk of importation on any new strain of COVID-19 including the Delta Strain in Solomon Islands;

b) Minimising the spread, reducing morbidity and mortality; and

c) Minimising societal disruption, and psychosocial and economic impacts of COVID-19

The lockdown will start next Sunday 29th at 6pm and cease Tuesday 31st at 6am.

The lockdown is only for the Declared Emergency Zone from Aligator Creek to Poha.


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  1. Good one, I think the Government aim is not to minimize but to totally block the Delta variant of the COVD-19 from entering our country.

    Thank you.


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