Temotu opens to local and overseas investors

Premier of Temotu Province, Clay Forau speaking at the Temotu Province Second Appointed Day Celebrations last year. PHOTO: Elliot Dawea
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TEMOTU province is open for both local and international investors with the focus to broaden the base of its economy, says the Premier Clay Forau.

Forau uttered this sentiment at the recent Temotu province second appointed day commemoration. 

“This province is open for investors to come. We invite investors not only local not also international investors to come to Temotu province.

“We are trying our best to ensure that this province is an investor destination. Because of that we become very careful in a way we address our investors here even though sometimes we have problems.

“But I call on all Temotuans that as today and onwards the only way for us to broaden our base of economy is that we must open up our province for investors not only from Solomon Islands but also from outside to invest in Temotu province,” he said.

Forau said the provincial government is currently working on a land-use policy with land owners where the province can use their land for development.

He said it quite a tough and sensitive issue to deal with, land, everywhere in the Solomon Islands.

“I believe with the proper land use policy we will and can be able to use land for development and allow the people to experience the benefits of development,” Forau said.