Temotu experiences major changes


TEMOTU province’s delivery of various projects through the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) which took off after the inception of the Provincial Governance Strengthening Programme (PGSP) in 2008 has brought the distantly located province an array of changes.

While the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) proceeds in serializing the PCDF projects all nine provinces delivered in 2008, details of Temotu province’s projects have been released.

According to the ministry’s report, projects delivered by the Temotu Provincial Government, come under sectors namely; administration, youth and sports, education, rural and urban transport, local economic development, health, waste management, women development and water supply.

In the administration sector, a total of 11 projects carried out and completed are; 3 Administration Staff Houses, 1 Premier’s Residence Renovation, 1 Provincial Secretary Residence Upgrade, 1 Treasury Office and Warehouse Upgrade, 1 Administration Office Building upgrade, 1 Treasury Office Renovation, 2 Duplex Staff Houses and 1 Treasury Office Fencing.

Additionally, the total cost of these projects in contrast to other sector projects although the most costly at SBD $2,426,789 created the highest number of jobs, having employed a total of 97 people.

Furthermore, besides some of the changes these projects have brought in for the province such as decent office for treasury officers and improved and decent accommodation for staff, it was expressed that the “1 Premier’s Residence Renovation” project is the first time in many years to have been carried out which now since it’s completion provides improved and secure accommodation for the Premier and his family.

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