Telekom towers not working in Malu’u and Afufu, Malaita

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COMMUNITIES from Malu’u to Afufu area in north Malaita have raised concern on their two Telekom towers not working since last week.

A concerned man, Mr Ben Oto’ofa told this paper with the current covid-19 situation in the country, there has never been a time when they need the towers more.

“As the province is faced with community transmission, communication is important to help people keep inform on advises and information on the situation.

“Covid-19 operation is activated for the province and it cannot go without proper communication which is important in the quest to curb the virus especially on that side of the province.

 â€œAlso, we have people in Honiara and elsewhere, and we depend on communication to know what it like for them as face with the situation,” he said.

Oto’ofa said communities within the areas have to resort to travelling some distance to be able to use the Telekom tower in Mbita’ama, which is becoming costly for them.

He said their concern has been raised to Our Telekom office in Auki and hope they will fix the towers soon and resume coverage.