Telekom soccer league to use comet

By Taromane Martin

SIFF Just Play Officer Mr Gabriel Riotarau

THE Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) has announced they will be using the COMET computer software program to do registration of players and team officials for the 2018/2019 season of the Telekom Soccer League.

The COMET is a competition management programme run by Croatia-based Analyticom, in place at OFC for more than 12 months, to register football players from the grass roots to the Oceania Champions League level.

SIFF Just Play Officer Mr Gabriel Riotarau told local media at a press conference that this will be the first time for the COMET program to be used in the country and he believes it will be very helpful with the running and collection of data’s for the TSL.

“This year we will be using the COMET computer software program to do registration of player’s in order to customize information for the TSL,” Mr Riotarau said.

“This on line data base program has already been used in Fiji and also in the Oceania Champions League and we believe it will help SIFF with its development programs and also in the promotion and marketing of our TSL players.

“This will be the first time for it to be introduced in Solomon Islands and will be very supportive particularly in the registration of players, team officials, competition management, collection and disseminating of information.

“It will also be very useful for the referees because after matches they can log in and enter the match statistics straight after games.

“This will be very useful in regards to developing the football in the country in terms of data collection and also issuing players their International Transfer Certificate (ITC).

“A very good example is the case of Henry Fa’arodo Jnr signing Wellington Olympics in New Zealand just recently.

“Since he is already registered in the comet for the Champions League with Marist, it was easy to get his International Transfer Certificate done because all his details are there in the COMET,” he said.

Riotarau said SIFF will be administrating the responsibility of updating clubs details into the program for the time being but the plan is give the clubs that responsibility so they can update their clubs details themselves.

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