Teenagers involving in illegal activities

DEAR EDITOR, as a youth, it is concerning to read news from the Island Sun local news dated January 4, 2018 in regards to teenagers being arrested for illegal brewing of homebrew on Ugi island, Makira province.

As stated by the provincial police commander, it is an unusual activity since police have received reports on arresting of mainly male offenders.

Now that young girls are seen to be involved in such illegal activities, it becomes an issue of concern for the police, parents, leaders and elders in the communities.

The provincial police commander strongly appeal to elders and leaders in the communities to think seriously about this matter as young girls are now seen to involve in such illegal activities.

This is an issue that requires the cooperation of parents, community and the law enforcers.

We might want to question why the world today is slowing changing in the inch of everyday activities compared to the past decades and so.

Some of the reasons as to why teenagers involving in illegal activities are because of family issues, lack of discipline from parents, school drop outs, peer pressure and so on.

However, there is uncertainty as to point fingers on who to be blamed when such issues involving teenagers arise.

Seeing teenagers involving in illegal activities is concerning as it gives the next generation of teenagers the idea that you only follow law when you are being monitored.

On the other hand, individual’s health should be considered as the effects of frequent homebrew consumption and other drugs may result in causing health risks.

I believe by working together and supporting the police in providing information in regards to criminal activities can help stop teenagers to involve in such illegal activities.

Moreover, it is ethically right to be whistle blowers whenever there are unlawful doings because people who participate in criminal activities deserve to face the law and its consequences.

With these, I agree that we should think seriously about this matter.

Morally parents should be role models to their children as discipline and teaching starts in the home. They have a responsibility to discipline and teach their children on what is right and wrong.

Furthermore, it is important that elders and leaders in local communities work together with the police by prohibiting the involvement of teenagers in criminal activities as community laws and to monitor those who do not abide the law.

By Monica Rehomora


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