Technology supports student’s learning


OPENING of a new computer lab for students in White River school promises much for the quality of learning of its students.

Vice chairlady of the school’s board, Mrs Hilda Tango, terms it as bridging the students to learning in the 21st century.

“Technology is everywhere and entwined in our daily lives so when technology in the classroom is use correctly it opens up possibilities for more students’ learning.

“As students uses technology to take more active role in personalising their own education, and teachers take on new roles as facilitator of knowledge rather than knowledge transmitter.”

She said the lab will prepare the students for university type education, in which each student researches the internet for information on subject topics and use learnt analytical tools to relate those information to their subjects.

HCC Ward Counselor, Mr Eric Tema also speaks highly of using technology in schools.

He said HCC supports the initiative of moving towards producing computer literate students.

Tema assured School administration and students, Education Authority of HCC will continue to support White River School.

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