Team Vasuni insistent on extension completion for kids

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Tulaghi’s new kindergarten extension building now under construction for next year. PHOTO BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

A kindergarten extension is underway near Tulaghi’s Smoking Residential area. This is purposely to prevent children from walking long distances to the other side of the island to access education.

Central Islands Province (CIP) Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni who is the Tulaghi Ward Provincial Member said seeing small children walk long distances to and from school daily, makes his team insistent to full fill this strategy.

The children usually walk 30 to 40 minutes to get to school.

According to Vasuni, they are prioritising the extension of the new kindergarten building. He said this upcoming holiday, they will be vigorously pursuing the completion of the building so that it can be used by January or February. This is when schools will commence classes in the New Year, 2019.

“Children starting from Sasape Base One right up to the police station area should be relieved from having to walk long distances to the provincial town’s main kindergarten school area by next year,” assured Vasuni.

Residents in Tulaghi have expressed their appreciation as most times, children are unable to attend classes because of the long distance.

An estimated 70 children are enrolled in Tulaghi’s kindergarten school this year. A further 30 students should be attending education at the new kindergarten extension next year upon completion.

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