Teachers learn SDGs



TEACHERS need to understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Currently a workshop conducted by SINTA is being held in Auki, with General Secretary of SINTA, Robert Lafisi saying teachers need to understand SDGs as they are implementers of some of the Goals.

Lafisi said secondly, teachers need to understand the prioritization and commercialization of education across the world.

He said the workshop dwells on three important areas where teachers were also made to understand the SDGs four, five and eight.

“We see these three areas as very important to connect with our teachers as there is a missing link from those at the top right down to teachers. The gap is where things only reach ministry and vanish or things only reach the Education Authority and stop there without reaching teachers. This is the reason SINTA came up with the idea to bridge the gap so that information especially on SGDs reach the teachers as they are also player in the SGDs,” he said.

Lafisi said third is to update teachers on the work SINTA is currently doing as a body representing almost half of the teacher’s group in the country.

Lafisi said SINTA is rolling this initiative which in a way is assisting MEHRD to get information right down to teachers.

He said the workshop started with teachers in the central region of the province and hopes to reach other regions in the province and other provinces.

The programme was funded by Council of Pacific Education.

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