Teachers asked to return to school

All primary and secondary school teachers are asked to return to their posted schools in preparation for school opening.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) issued this message through its weekly radio programme on Wednesday 6th April 2022.

Speaking via Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC), MEHRD’s Deputy Secretary Corporate Services Mr James Bosamata said that all Education Authorities (EAs) must ensure teachers return to school as soon as possible.

He also urged EAs that postings of teachers must now be submitted to MEHRD and to inform all schools under their authority to prepare schools for opening.

Mr Bosamata said teachers need to be at the school as an assessment will be conducted to ascertain if a school can open upon meeting the pre-condition targets set by MEHRD.

“There will be an assessment conducted in all your schools beginning 11th April 2022 to determine the precondition targets set by MEHRD. You will be advised on the pre-condition targets or checklist for opening schools and instructions on what you will need to do as an Education Authority,” he said.

He also urged head teachers or school principals to return to their respective schools as soon as possible if they are not in their schools yet.

“You must be in school to activate your Covid 19 Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Incidental Standard Operating Procedures (ISOP).

“Arrange with your teachers, support staff, and collaborate with your school board to ensure preparation for school opening,” Mr. Bosamata added.

He noted that teachers should notify their respective EAs for support if they are exempted from travelling during this pandemic.

“If teachers are posted to Provincial Schools and are still in Honiara or home province aside from the province you are posted to, then inform your Education Authority as soon as possible and to indicate to them the date when you will be travelling to your schools,” he added.

MEHRD is also urging teachers and students between 12 to 18 years old to get vaccination on or before 31st May.

Schools throughout the country remain close due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

MEHRD, and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) have come up with precondition targets to support opening of schools, which was approved by Cabinet early this month.

Schools must meet the pre-conditions set by MEHRD and MHMS before schools can open upon the approval of the Government Oversight Committee on Covid-19.


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