Teacher arrested in connection with Onelafa burning incident


A teacher has been apprehended as one of the suspects linked to the arson incident that transpired early last month at a Community High School in East Fataleka, Malaita Province.

Auki Police have confirmed that, following a comprehensive investigation, two individuals involved in the arson have been identified and arrested in Malaita.

The Police Media Unit further verified that the first suspect has been apprehended and is currently held in the Auki Correctional facilities awaiting trial.

The most recent arrest occurred on Thursday last week.

According to Police Media Unit, Superintendent Lelie Kili, the Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Malaita Province, disclosed that the second suspect, a teacher by profession, had orchestrated the burning of the classroom.

PPC Kili stated that the arrests were carried out collaboratively by Auki and Atori Police, and the suspects have been transported to Police custody for ongoing investigations and remand.

Superintendent Kili mentioned that the police are considering filing charges of incitement under section 21 of the Penal Code.

Mr. Kili urged the residents of Onelafa to collaborate closely with their Atori and Auki police to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Auki and Atori police.

RSIPF Supervising Commissioner Ms. Juanita Matanga expressed concern over the act of burning the classroom, emphasizing that it reflects a disregard for the consequences of disrupting the education of children.

Supervising Commissioner Ms. Matanga emphasized that, as a police organization, their duty is to safeguard children, ensuring that those contemplating such actions do not impede the future of the children by destroying facilities crucial for their education.

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