Teacher absenteeism on the rise in Western province



TEACHER absenteeism is becoming a problem in the Western province, it is reported.

Speaking to Island Sun on Thursday, a group of parents affected by the problem say their children attend some of the schools in the province, and each of them face the same problem.

Spokesperson for the group, Mr Benson from Kolombangara, says it is worrying that teacher absenteeism is experienced in all the schools that their children are in.

This he says is a reflection of how serious the problem is in the province.

They are calling on education authorities, both national and provincial, to seriously look into the matter and address it.

“It doesn’t make sense in keeping teachers that cannot perform in higher academic level but hold on to teaching posts as secured source of income earning while the students leaning continue to be victimized at their home soil.

“I would like to call on teachers around Kolombangara Island who cannot be able to uphold the integrity of the teaching profession with poor working attitude to resign and giving replacement spaces for other potential teachers who can do better to teach our children.

“I would like to urges Western Education Authorities and Church include school administration to monitor and visit schools within Kolombangara Island to see some weakness that continue to abuse leaning of our children in communities.”

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