Tausoro killing trial commences


The trial into case involving accused Stanley Gegesi who is charged with murder and grievous harm commenced yesterday in the High Court before Judge John A Keniapisia.

The prosecutor Andrew Kelesi called three witnesses for murder charge yesterday, the three witnesses are the wife of the deceased, the granddaughter of the deceased and her husband.

During the examination, the granddaughter Mathilda and her husband were called in court and gave their evidence under oath.

They testified that they saw the accused Gegesi cut the deceased from behind.

The first witness the husband said he heard his wife shout so he ran and saw the accused holding a knife and cut the deceased few times in his floor house.

The granddaughter of the deceased also told the court that she heard her grandmother shout in her floor house.

So, she ran to her grandmother who at that time running out of the house and before she entered the door, she show the accused Gegesi stand behind the deceased (her grandfather) and cut the left side of his head.

The second witness shouted and few boys came and the accused escaped on the other door of the house.

Court adjourned for today for crown to continue with its case on the charge of grievous harm.

Kelesi informed the court yesterday he will call three witnesses in relation to the Grievous harm charges, the victim and two doctor who examine the victims.

The alleged incident occurred on the night of 11 August 2023 at Tausoro, Turarana area.

Prosecution alleged that on the night of the incident between 10pm and 12 midnight, Gegesi entered the elderly couple house.

The couple were lying in their bed when accused Gegesi went into their house and demand the couple for a large sum of money.

The deceased wife got her purse and gave $ 100 to the accused but he insisted for $ 4,000 from the couple.

Accused Gegesi then grabbed a bush knife and cut the deceased husband with it.

He cut the deceased husband left side of his head and his backside and his right hand.

After the incident he ran and went to the house of the second victim.

The second victim was sleeping when the accused cut him with the knife.

During that time, several men started throwing stones at the accused.

So, he escaped along the Turarana River down to Turarana village where he joined a dance that was going on in the village.

The villagers who chased the accused called that community by mobile phones to alert them about the said incident occurred that night.

The group of men reside at Purakachere Village then caught the accused and held him until the police arrive at the village.

The second victim was then taken to the hospital and was in a critical condition because of the cut the accused did to him.

Hellen Naqu appear for the crown and Benham Ifuto’o appears for Gegesi.

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