Tausinga launches constituency campaign


SOLOMON Islands United Paty Candidate, Silas Vangara Tausinga has launched his election campaign at Noro Western Province on Tuesday, pledging to bring about more developments for West New Georgia -Vona Vona Constituency.

Tausinga, a former member of parliament is eager to make a come back to secure the national seat for the fourth time in a row.

Tausinga was accompanied by UP’s Wing leader, Peter Kenilorea Jnr who is seeking a second term for the East Are’Are seat and newcomer and candidate for Central Kwara’ae, Ricky Fuo’o

Delivering an electrifying speech which was streamed lived via the UP’s FB Page, Tausinga emphasized UP as the party for “change”.   

“People say change, a lot of parties coming around say change. This is the party for change; United Party. It’s continuity towards change is what we want” he said.

Tausinga showcased a track record of infrastructure development that had taken place whilst serving his tenure since 2010, these includes the Munda International Airport, Noro-Munda Road, Noro International Ports and the Noro town road which is set to be completed soon.

He reminded supporters that their constituency has been the second most developed apart from the capital.

Most development that are happening beside Honiara are in West New Georga Vona Vona Constituency” he said

“For those sitting on the fence, for those who are sitting at the other side of the fence, come April 17th 2024, we are on the move as West New Georgia -Vona Vona, united party is coming to create government in the 12th parliament” Tausinga added.

Also speaking during the launch, UP’s Wing leader, Peter Kenilorea Jnr admitted the difficulties of uniting a richly diverse nation but reassured voters that his party chooses unity.

“United Party chooses the hard part, and the hard part is to get us all together to become truly one nation, one people serving one God” he said.

He then emphasized that “nation-building is going to be a work in progress” and reminded voters that the responsibility to make Solomon Islands a better nation for the next generation lies on everyone.

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