Taro needs govt support to turn it into tourist destination

Taro pothole road to Airport Terminal.
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Choiseul MPA for Tavula Ward Clement Kengava says the Choiseul Province’s provincial capital Taro needs direct National Government support in terms of infrastructures to turn it into a tourist destination.

Kengava in an interview with this paper yesterday said the provincial authorities should request the Ministry of Infrastructures Development (MID) to assess Taro roads for better alignment and tar sealed surfacing.

He said Taro soil is mainly that of sand and with about ten vehicles using the sandy road, it has it’s fair share of potholes.

Taro wharf.

Kengava said the road improvement should be in line with Taro Airport upgrading to be funded by the New Zealand Government.

He added that the State-Owned Enterprises like Solomon Water Authority – Solwater to consider assess and provide reliable water supply to Taro as part of it’s social obligation.

“A salination plant or water from Choiseul Bay mainland could be solutions to seriously looked into.

“Also, Solpower (SIEA) is now becoming a main player by providing electricity in Taro and now extending to Supizae Island, just less than 100 metres from Taro Fisheries point,” he added.

“As part of it’s social obligation some lightings be provided at Taro Wharf and Taro Market for safety and security,” Kengava said.

Kengava said the Ministry of Culture and Tourism be invited by the provincial government to assess the island capital and plan for the province on how it can turn Taro into a tourist destination in this ‘top end’ province of Solomon Islands.

He said the local tourist operators and accommodation owners need to work together and form an organisation with the support of provincial government to pursue their cause for fundings, or joint venture with a hotel owner to build a hotel-resort in Choiseul Bay as collecting point for tour groups.

However, Kengava pointed out that to co-ordinate ‘Tourism Destination for Taro’, the provincial government should come up with a paper for the Assembly to adopt to specifically turn Taro into a ‘Tourist Destination’.