Talk on Tulagi history today at SINU Kukum

By Tanny.E.Vahi

SOLOMON Islands national university (SINU) will today hold its third SINU 2018 Talk at the Kukum campus lecture theatre.

Administrative Officer Mrs Lisa said the presentation will be on ‘Tulagi – the Pacific Outpost of the British Empire’ which is conducted by Emeritus Professor Clive Moore, beginning at 5pm to 6pm.

Mr Moore is based at the University of Queensland where he previously held the McCaughey Chair of History, is leading the Pacific Historian and whose major publications have been on New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands, the Pacific labour reserve, Australia’s Pacific Island immigrants, and federation and is the author or editor of several leading studies of Solomon Island.

Tulagi was the capital of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate from the early 1897 to 1942.

It was an enclave of three islands, Tulagi, Gavutu and Makambo, with the addition of the Anglican headquarters at Taraoniara across the harbour from the late 1930s.

Then the Second World War erased 45 years of history, and in 1945 the decision was made to move the capital to Honiara.

Tulagi was once the only town that Solomon Islands knew, and the source of all government actions. This illustrated lecture will provide a history of small Tulagi and of its European, Chinese and Solomon Islander residents.

SINU welcomes all participants to the talk.

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