Take ownership of sign boards



PEOPLE living in West Gizo have been urged to look after and take ownership of sign boards installed along their road.

This call follows the senseless act by unknown individuals which led to the damage on a sign board belonging to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development transport sector, which is located at the Hakaroa village.

A concerned West Gizo resident, Mr Dudley, condemns the act of vandalism.

“It is our pride and we should take ownership and look after such properties and we should avoid those bad practices.

“This is very sad to see sign boards where totally damage and people never care about their attitudes to look after such government properties.

“I would like to call on the people surrounding West Gizo to look after those sign boards, symbols and road direction to indicate and direct people and help them, especially visitors when visiting our Village.”

Dudley says such senseless acts results in denying any development from happening in their area.

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