Take up the challenge and develop yourself


THE Deputy Counselor of the Taiwan Embassy in Solomon Islands, Mr Oliver Weng is encouraging Solomon Islanders to utilize the assistance Taiwan provides to the country so that they can benefit from it.

Weng explained that Taiwan who is an ally of Solomon Islands provides different kinds of assistance to the country on a yearly basis.

“We Taiwan are an ally of the Solomon Islands and every year we provide different assistances to Solomon Islands in the form of Taiwan scholarships, ICDF scholarships, Mandarin classes and also Agriculture assistance and Health assistance along with some training programmes,” Weng said.

In relation, he stresses that most people only know that Taiwan contributes a lot to the country but do not know the concrete idea behind it which is to provide assistance for the people so that they can benefit from.

Henceforth, Weng voices that Solomon Islanders should make the most of the opportunity they have to benefit from their programs.

He stressed that through the Agriculture programme, people can learn a new skill that can equip and benefit them in the long run or by studying in Taiwan, one can broaden his or her academic mindset by learning things from a global perspective and by learning Mandarin at SINU, people will not only learn a new language but also learn about another culture.

Speaking of Mandarin, Weng encourages Solomon Islanders to see studying Mandarin as a different challenge and take up the opportunity of learning another language to develop oneself.

“Learning Mandarin is something that Solomon Islanders should take up because it is a different challenge and an opportunity to develop yourself. You also have to work very hard in order to develop yourself,” he said.

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