Taiwan’s acrobatic troupe lands in Honiara


TAIWAN’S Acrobatic Troupe have arrived yesterday for their performance in the country this week and next week.

They were welcomed by officials from the Taiwan Embassy in Solomon Islands with a welcoming cultural performance by a panpipe group from Are’are.

The group consists of three females and four males with their team leader, the Director Secretary of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts Mr Wang Hsueh-Yen.

According to Taiwan’s Embassy, the Acrobatic Troupe has been performing extensively around Taiwan and its offshore islands.

They have also been frequently invited by government to perform abroad in many countries, the Embassy said.

“Since then their performances have earned excellent reviews worldwide and have effectively promoted folk arts and cultural exchanges around the globe.”

The Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe of the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts was founded in 1990.

Currently, they are the only official acrobatic arts and stunts performing group in Taiwan.

The troupe consists of a number of young artists who have received stringent training for more than eight years.

Since its inception, members have dedicated themselves to perfection and promotion of both traditional and ethic culture and grassroots arts’ aesthetic values.

Their main stage will be this Sunday November 4 at the Maranatha Hall, 2pm – and it’s free

During the show, there will be different types of performances known as Massive Transformation, Martial Arts Rings, Revolving Craftsmanship, Acrobatic Skills, Climbing ladders, Great harvest and Fanny bowls.

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