Taiwanese institution donating medical instruments

DEAR EDITOR, it has come to my notice that there exists an institution in Taiwan, namely “Global Medical Instruments Support & Service Programme”, which collects used but still good medical instruments/devices from institutions or hospitals in Taiwan, and donates them to hospital in other countries.

Quoting the information from their website it read:

“GMISS: The Department of Health (DOH), Taiwan, has announced a plan to provide essential medical equipment to countries worldwide. The DOH and the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) have jointly established the Global Medical Instruments Support and Service (GMISS) Program to provide retired but usable medical equipment collected from medical centres and hospitals in Taiwan. The equipment, which is well maintained and fully functional, will be offered to other countries to help improve their health care and medical services.

“The GMISS Program has established two portals to facilitate communication with all partners. One portal is for donors in Taiwan to provide key information about available equipment. The other is for countries to make requests for equipment. The requests will be promptly processed, and further communication will be handled by experts in medical instruments and engineering to ensure that sufficient information regarding the requested equipment accompanies the donation. Further assistance in training medical engineers in both Taiwan and recipient countries will be organized.

“It is the aim of the GMISS Program to assist countries around the world by providing the needed resources.”

Should the MOHMS in the Solomon Islands feel the GMISS Programme could be of help, I suggest referring to the website link http://gmiss.mohw.gov.tw/eng/english.asp

Yours sincerely


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