Taiwanese advice on farming methods to be encouraged

DEAR EDITOR, last week, several women from communities surrounding the Aaliua Taiwan Technical Mission farm in Central Kwara’ae were given farming and technical advice to add to their own practical knowledge of local farming practices.

The manager of the mission, Samson Hsu, reportedly gave the women detailed advice on the three vital aspects of farming, namely nutrition, water and adequate sunlight. Mr. Hsu also gave guidance on crop rotation, fertilization and soil quality.

A similar Technical Mission exists in Swaziland where Taiwanese instructors give similar, practical advice on farming methods and procedures to local people.

From my knowledge of the Taiwan Technical Mission’s work in Swaziland, I can say how beneficial the mission’s work has been to improving the quantity and quality of locally grown food crops, including strawberries.

Taiwan’s assistance to farmers in the Solomon Islands, especially in the rural areas, is important to helping rural people cope with food production at a time when climate change is thought to be responsible for changing weather situations that affect the cultivation and harvesting of stable foods.

I hope the ROC Government will continue to help rural communities in the Solomon Islands in practical ways that have tangible and positive outcomes for the people generally considered to be struggling to make ends meet.

Yours sincerely


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