Taiwan marks 107th double tenth National Day

Taipei’s 101 building.
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TODAY October 10 2018, marks 107th Double Tenth National Day of Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan.

The island, home to 23m people is captivating with its bustling modern cities, lively night markets, parks, efficient transport infrastructure and not forgetting its 509m tall bamboo skyscraper, Taipei 101 or in Mandarin, Yi ling yi.

Taiwan is also known for its great food, teas, beaches, hot spring resorts and mountainous terrain.

Among these, the country is undeniably known for its reputation of having the friendliest people and societies one can come across or meet.

To commemorate this special day, in Taiwan an official celebration includes the raising of the Republic of China flag in front of the Presidential Building along with a public singing of the national anthem.

This is followed by celebrations in front of the Presidential Building often comprising of a military parade.

Festive activities also take place depicting Taiwanese culture such as the popular lion dance that is rhythmically showcased in the streets or other areas by dancers dressed in bright coloured customs who sway to the beat of drums.

In Honiara, celebrations to commemorate the event took place last night.

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