Taiwan central weather Bureau installs new warning system


Team from the Central Weather Bureau with two employees of SIMS.

DUE to the long-term friendship between Solomon Islands and Republic of China (Taiwan), a MOU was signed to strengthen the meteorological and earthquake observation system in Solomon Islands.

Based on the MOU, an integrated project ‘Solomon Islands Synergistic Analysis for the Environment (SoSAFE) has been accordingly co-designed by scientists from the two countries.

Currently, weather scientists from the Central Weather Bureau in Taiwan are in the country to follow-up on the installed weather forecast and earthquake/tsunami warning and upgrade the instruments.

Scientists from the Central Weather Bureau, ROC (Taiwan) brought necessary technology to continue the mission for installations in Honiara and Auki.

For the meteorological stations, three new auto-mode and three semiauto-mode sites are planned.

The work is expected to complete this week together with help from scientists from Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology, in Solomon Islands.

According to the team, they have 15 sets of dual seismometer A900 plus palert which are planned for the warning system of earthquake/tsunami.

From their trip to Auki in Malaita province, the team have a total of four to five seismometers set up in three target areas in Honiara and Auki.

With the assistant from the Embassy of ROC (Taiwan), all instruments have been shipped and arrived in Honiara, the team said.

Meanwhile, first collaborative phase, the project aims at setting up six meteorological stations and 15 seismometers distributed in Solomon Islands to optimize the capabilities of weather forecasting and earthquake/tsunami warning.

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