Wale slams NHA’s ignorance & weak control measures

LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale says the National Hosting Authority’s (NHA) ignorance shows there are weak internal control measures that are vulnerable to gross abuse.

Hon Wale said the fact that contracts like the toilet paper supplier have been inflated and later reduced as a result of public pressure raises serious questions whether it has actually gone through the tender process.

He said the fact that the toilet paper contract was grossly exaggerated suggests that there might be some inside NHA processes involved.

Hon Wale said they should be removed forthwith.

The Opposition Leader said the chairman of NHA cannot claim ignorance as it only implies that he is not applying duty of care.

“I call on the Chair of NHA to review all other awarded contracts similar to the toilet paper supplier that maybe dubious and inflated in nature including for cleaning, catering & other services,” he said.

“ I am also reiterating my call for the treasury internal audit to investigate all dubious contracts with immediate effect,” Hon Wale adds.

He said it is a shame that Solomon Islands is making PG 2023 headlines regionally for the wrong reasons.

“We are already sending a negative impression to our visitors ahead of the Games and it is a disgrace,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said it is clear that awarding of contracts might be ‘inside jobs’ where figures are inflated so that everyone has a piece of the pie.

Hon Wale said millions of donor funding have been pumped for the Games and some people are taking advantage of this for their own personal gain.

“Most of the funding is from taxpayers from our development partners and I am disgusted by the way it is being handled and misused,” he said.

The Opposition Leader also reiterated his call for the Prime Minister as minster responsible for the Games to intervene and demand serious answers from NHA.

“I am urging the Prime Minister to suspend and investigate everyone involved,” he said.


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