Supporters stranded in Gizo

By Mike Puia


SUPPORTERS of losing candidates in the Gizo/Kolombangara by-election have been left stranded in Gizo, Western Province.

Many supporters travel from Honiara, and other parts of the province, to Gizo by ship and plane to vote in the by-election.

Candidates and their agents was alleged to arrange supporters travel to Gizo.

After Mrs. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada was declared winner in Gizo last Thursday night, supporters of the four losing male candidates were left in the dark.

A supporter of one of the candidates, who requested his named be withheld, told Island Sun Gizo that he was arranged by one of the andidate to come to Gizo and vote.

He arrived in Gizo by ship last Monday, two days early before the actual voting on Wednesday.

He said after the winner was announced nothing had been conveyed to him regarding his return to Honiara.

He said the agents of the candidate he supports have not said any word to him and he is left confused in Gizo.

A ship left Gizo for Honiara on Friday, a day after the announcement was made but the supporter was not aware of any prior arrangement like who will pay for his fare.

He said he will find his own way to get to Honiara.

He confirmed he is not the only one who is left stranded in Gizo.

“There are many of us. This is not good,” the double-disappointed supporter said.

He said such treatment is not good when the candidate he supports is opting to contest in the National General Elections next year.

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