MARA backs USAID project


THE Suidani-led MARA government is supporting the USAID SCALE project – carbon trading.

Speaking when delivering his budget speech yesterday, Premier Daniel Suidani said the country has been operating under an exploitative and extractive development modality.

“A development mode in which forests are harvested through logging and huge portions of the forests are cleared for monoculture in the form of coconut and coca plantations,” Suidani said.

He added it’s time to move away from these very destructive development modalities and seize opportunities for new emerging markets.

Suidani said USAID SCALE project has given communities the opportunity to participate in carbon trading and payment for ecosystem use of their forest and water resources.

“Many of us surely are yet to fully understand and appreciate the full extent of this new development approaches of the new millennium.

“Where these are international markets for the trading of carbon and the conservation of our forests.

“Where international firms that participate in this trade are able to buy off our carbon while we continue to participate in conserving our forests.

“Similarly, where our rivers and streams can be conserved while our communities get paid for not destroying our water catchment areas.

“Where we can also grow our economy while our resources in the form of forests, rivers, streams and seas are conserved,” he said.

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