Premier denies allegations of paying loyalty from executives


Malaita premier Daniel Suidani has clarified rumours he dished out $10,000 to his executives to ensure their loyalty remains intact ahead of the province’s full assembly meeting.

Allegations add that Mr Suidani got his funds from the New Asia mining company and the USAID SCALE-NRM project.

Suidani agrees that he had given more than $10,000 each to his executives, but says this money was intended to help them with their Christmas festivities plans, and not as a means of consolidating them ahead of the Full Assembly meeting.

He also denies that the funds came from the mining company and the US-backed project on Malaita.

Suidani says he does not see this as an issue since past provincial governments of Malaita had engaged in the practice.

More so the national government also practises this, he adds.

He said his office is aware that New Asia Mining Company has been in the province recently, for the signing of Access Agreement with landowners in pursuit of proposed mining initiative for East Kwara’ae and Fataleka.

Suidani said under the arrangement for the signing of the Access Agreement and meeting with landowners in East Malaita, his office has nothing to do with it, neither involved in it.

He said the only involvement MPG will have in the initiative is when the mining company wishes to obtain business license from them to operate as business in the province.

Adding that he has no business with the New Asia Mining Company.

Suidani said for the USAID SCALE-NRM program, MPG is partner with them for development but they hardly involve with MPG on such matter.

He said it’s not anyone’s interest to know where about the money came from, and for those who want to know it, what would you do with it?

“If people can earn money, why not me? We all can earn money and I was once a businessman who I used to earn money and can still earn money.

“So, what is wrong when I support my executive government as their leading hand when they asked me for support. I can do it,” Suidani said.

He said on the notion that there is an upcoming no confidence motion against his leadership, this is news to him and there’s nothing as dishing out money to his executive members to consolidate them ahead of the full assembly meeting.   

Suidani said there might be a motion as the law provides for, but how long would they lead when the current house is only six-months away from its natural death?

He said it makes no sense, adding that the MARA government is intact and if there’s to be any challenge, they are ready to face it.   

Suidani said this allegation plus many others on him only have one goal and that is to tarnish his reputation and mislead people.

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