Suidani lauds US for support under USAID SCALE-NRM project

Premier Daniel Suidani making his remark virtually during the launching of Forests and Development Fund (FDF) yesterday in Auki.
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PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani has praised the United States of America for the support that is and will be benefiting the people of Malaita province and Solomon Islands.

His acknowledgement came after the launching of the Forests and Development Fund (FDF) yesterday in Auki, an event he describes as “marking a special moment for Malaita province.”

“It is a special moment, because I personally believe and hope that this fund will deliver the much-needed support to those in the rural areas.

“This and other worthy activities under the SCALE project if implemented as planned will be a game changer on Malaita province.

“I said it’s a game changer for Malaita province because when you look at the bigger scheme of things, the projects objectives are deeply aligned with the MARA government’s restorative economy policy direction.

“With the backing of international renowned implementing partners like Winrock International and with the support of our very own people.

“I am very confident that this is a worthwhile venture that will bring home the much needed economic development that has been lacking for a long time in Malaita province and indeed Solomon Islands.

“I fervently believe Malaita province and Solomon Islands will reap the fruits of this economic development modality in the not so distance future.

“This funding opportunity for the communities I believe is going to be the fuel that will fire up the success of the USAID SCALE project,” he said.

According to Suidani the launching of the SCALE NRM Forest and Development Fund is something that many communities in Malaita have been inquiring about.

He said it is therefore prudent that after the launching of the funding scheme, there has to be effective and clear strategies employed for the rolling out of the scheme.

“I am confident that this is in the good hands of our implementing partners.

“Malaita provincial government will continue to watch with interest the implementation of this funding arrangement.

“We will continue to support this initiative and facilitate whatever is necessary to make this funding scheme, a successful one for our people.

“We do not want to see the continuous litany of failures that has become synonymous to our place.

“Let that be history as we start this new journey.

“My MARA government will continue to provide whatever support is needed to ensure the scheme is successfully implemented,” Suidani said.