Suidani distances MARA from M4D

Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani
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PREMIER of Malaita province, Daniel Suidani says Malaita For Democracy (M4D) is a people’s power organisation from Malaita province and is neither part nor receives support from MARA government.

Suidani said there is a level of misinformation and misunderstanding promoted by the national government which claims M4D is linked to Malaita’s provincial government (MARA).

“M4D is a group established as Malaita people’s power. It is a group established to pressure governments to be honest and truthful when addressing Malaita province development issues.

“A clear example is that when M4D organized programs and events it does not received a single cent or dollar from the MARA government.

“Instead, for the planned events upon my arrival from Australia in 2021, the reconciliation event at Aimela in 2021, the meeting held at Malaita Hotel on Malaita’s referendum in 2021/2022 was done at no cost from MARA government,” he said.

Suidani said his government is ensuring the misunderstanding of M4D and many more issues will be part of the ‘log of claims’ that will prepare for discussion with national government.

“This should allow parties to formally engage in discussions and to find meaningful ways in resolving issues,” he said.