Malaita to submit ‘log of claims’ to gov’t

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Malaita provincial government says it will give the national government a list of claims to be addressed.

Speaking during the opening of the Malaita assembly this week, Premier Daniel Suidani said the document will be called the ‘Malaita People Log Of Claims’.

He adds that it will contain all of the province’s issues of concern, which the national government has to address if it genuinely desires to forge a pathway towards working with Malaita.

He said as premier and head of the MARA government, he does acknowledge that they have differences with national government.

However, Suidani explained that the differences are not based on personal issues but subjective/objective matters relating to the people and development of Malaita province.

“In dealing with these differences, my government has already taken some steps to address certain issues.

“This has resulted in the signing of MOUs provide for a closer working relationship between MARA government with key ministries of the national government.

“As a result of these, good working relationship can be seen in the implementation of Bina Harbour Fisheries project, the tourism project in Auki, the carbon trading project and agriculture projects on Malaita.

“Still on the differences, we know that the issue surrounding the switch has not been properly resolved, although we accept the government’s decision.

“Whilst China is now in Solomon Islands, it can focus on other provinces but not Malaita province for now,” he said.

Suidani said in working to address the differences, his government has earmarked a team of advisors to compile “the Malaita people log of claims” that will be formally submitted to the national government for consideration.

“My government has decided to take this action as we do not want to see our people involve in events like November 2021 riot in Honiara.

“As a responsible government we want to give our people some assurance that yes, we will look into your grievances or help to channel to responsible authorities,” he said.