Suidani, Auki police deny claims on PM


MALAITA Premier Daniel Suidani and Auki police have denied any moves to overthrow Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

This was after some Government supporters claimed about 5,000 people are expected to visit Honiara after the proposed reconciliation at Aimela on November 18 to stage a protest against PM Sogavare.

A police officer in Auki said he is aware of a plan for people to come over to Honiara after the proposed reconciliation at Aimela on November 18.

But he said he is not aware of the purpose of the plan.

“We just watch the situation,” one police officer said.

Premier Suidani has denied any moves from his provincial executive to remove Prime Minister Sogavare.

Suidani said the planned reconciliation is purposely to allow tribes in Malaita to reconcile between each other in order to allow development to take place on their land.

He said it is always claimed in the media that no national development can happen on Malaita because of land dispute.

“We want to bring Malaitans together to reconcile to remove the notion of land dispute hindering developments on Malaita.

Malaita 4 Democracy is organising the planned reconciliation.

Suidani said the MARA government is not funding the reconciliation but come out from the expenses of the people.

“The tribes will bring their own food from their gardens to display during the reconciliation.

“We are not supporting it with any funding. This is happening at the initiative of  M4D,” he added.

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