Students without book allowance


LIVING stipend allowance for Solomons Government sponsored students in Fiji have arrived – but no book allowance.

While the students acknowledge yesterday’s receipt of their living stipend, they have called on the government and the ministry of education to make-quick with their book allowances.

Book allowance is equally important since textbooks by which lecturers base their lectures on can only be bought with the book allowance, and the majority of Solomon Islands students have been to classes since day one without any text book, course guide or assignment book.

This is very serious, the students say.

“Usually the book allowances are received with our monthly allowances but today, only monthly allowances were facilitated.

“We have still not heard of updates over our book allowances but hopefully we should receive them soon.”

An attempt for update from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) was not possible yesterday.

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