Students visit Rove Correctional Service

Burns Creek Primary School Teachers and students pose for a group photo with RRR Staff after their visit inside RCCC.
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A delegation of 72 students and three teachers from the Burns Creek Primary School led by Head Teacher Raynold Sikepitu conducted an hour’s educational visit at Rove Central Correctional Centre.

The students first entered the Correctional main entrance gate where they were warmly received by the Commandant Rove Central Correctional Centre Chief Superintendent Catherine Kere and her Acting Chief Security Officer Lawrence Isa.

Kere informed the students the protocols and rules of the Rove Central Correctional Centre.

The student first visited three blocks in the Centre including block-three for female inmates, block-five for long serving inmates and block-three for Juveniles inmates  

The school visitation is a part of their learning capacity development, said the Headmaster.

“It is very important for the primary student to visit Correctional facilities, inmates and environment here at the Centre to ensure that the student should experience the real life in the Centre rather than hearing stories from anybody else outside there.”

Kere expressed her appreciation to the Head Teacher for his continuous support to the organisation especially with regards to supporting inmates with prayers.

She said, CSSI looks forward to further collaboration with the Burns Creek Primary School for future visitations.

Head Teacher Sikepitu said as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, “we are so lucky and fortunate to visit our inmate’s brothers and sisters here in the Rove Central Correctional Centre”.