Students urged to utilise scholarship opportunity


STUDENTS who have applied for the government 2019 MPs scholarship awards are encouraged to make the best of the opportunity if accepted.

The call was made by the wife of one member of parliament who stressed that students should be mindful and accomplish what they are sent abroad to achieve.

Mrs Matilda Maneniaru, who is the spouse of Member of Parliament for West Are ‘Are constituency, Hon John Maneniaru says students who are to be awarded the scholarships under MPs privileges should set their minds on achieving academic goals.

She said that while the government is playing its part in sending students abroad under these opportunities on one end, the national government also expects the students to be positive and mindful about their studies.

Maneniaru expressed that those lucky students who will get the opportunity to travel to study at various universities should be vigilant about their opportunity, country, government, people and the future development of Solomon Islands.

She voiced that we are still in need of more educated and qualified people to move this nation forward hence students must exemplify what they have learned during their studies for the betterment of the country.

On another note, Maneniaru said that students returning to the country from tertiary institutions in past years stems from students’ failure in courses due to social influences and negligence of their duties as scholars.

“Students must put their concentrate on their studies, spend more time on what they are sent for, and should spend less on social activities that might disturb their studies”, said Maneniaru.

She emphasized that the purpose of the government’s support in this initiative is to improve and educate our human resources to the fullest to achieve future social and economic development of Solomon Islands.

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