Students lose belongings in boat ordeal



Noro Police towing a sunken boat that sank at Kuri point passage on Sunday. All passengers mostly students rescued. Sad scenario. PHOTO Supplied

A boat carrying 12 passengers sank off the coast of Kuri point passage, Goldie Collage in the Western Province.

Noro Police confirmed to Island Sun Gizo yesterday, 12 passengers were on the boat from Ghatere village, Kolombangara Island to Beulah Provincial Secondary School.

The trip was to drop off two students at Beulah and one student at Dunde Community High School when it began taking in water between12 midday and 1pm on Sunday.

The officer in charge confirmed that the travelling passengers were three women, five men including the driver, two female students, one male student and a three-year old female.

Noro Police said two students lost their bucket clothing and personal properties plus $ 1,704 pocket money.

The officer said the other student lost a basket of clothes, one case containing books and $1,300 and the mother who went with the students to pay for her son’s fee lost $2,100.

Meanwhile, Western Province, Police Provincial Commander (PPC), Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu said that all passengers were rescued about 20 minutes after the incident by Seghe Police boat with the help from a private canoe from Noro and Noro Police boat.

“All their belongings including school fees were lost in the sea and the passengers are being kept at Kokegolo, Helena Goldie Hospital and Lodumaho community.

“Noro police transport them back to their respective village at Ghatere yesterday.

“Munda Police will notify their respective principles about the incident.”

Lenialu thanked officers at Seghe and Noro for the prompt response and the support of the community in the rescue of the passengers and boat.

He adds this shows cooperation between the police and communities to save lives.

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