Student protest continues today at Kukum campus


SOLOMON Islands National University Student Association (SINUSA) will continue its second day of protests today.

Students of both Kukum and Panatina campuses are expected to begin the rally at the Kukum campus.

SINUSA President Mr Reginald Ngati said their protest today will be a peaceful one with help from the police to ensure students act on the legal side.

At Kukum, the students will hold discussions, listen out for announcements and create strategies for new moves if SINU responds negatively to their demands, Ngati said.

Ngati said they want the SINU Administration to come out and have dialogue with them.

“Our expectation we want them to come out, if they are afraid to come out in person, must come out by representative to talk with SINUSA executive and students.

“We expect us to make exchange of discussion and announcements so that it fair to students.

“It’s a bad way of doing it, it’s really a bad way of achieving things but I think it’s a process where other achievements have already come true – we have no option but to go on protest.”

Ngati says around 200 police officers will be present to ensure law and order.

He praises the RSIPF for this, saying that their presence will deter anyone with the bad intention to disturb the protest.

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