Structure should be based on functional delegates of ministries


A specific line of work should not be delegated to just any one.

This is according to Mr Peter Forau who was speaking at MECDM’s (Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology) workshop on organisational restructuring coordinated by UNDP and SIMCAP’s (Solomon Islands Meteorology Capacity) development project.

As MECDM’s consultant on the organisational restructuring process, he said that under public service thinking, there is a set of guidelines on how government ministries are expected to function.

Mr Forau added that the guidelines are ; to modernise all ministries structures, harmonize every structure based in set criteria which will soon go before Cabinet, based on public service approved hierarchy, division of labor and span of control, achieve effectiveness and efficiency, embrace approves establishment and grading system and is based on functional delegation.

“The structure I believe should be based on functional delegates of ministries,” he said.

On this note, Mr Forau emphasized that work cannot be delegated to just anyone, giving the clear indication that any line of work should not be allocated by own interests but to the rightful and responsible officer.

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