Strong winds strike Bellona

A house is halved by fallen trees.
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BELLONA island in Renbel Province experienced strong winds this week that resulted in many homes being damaged including the only Anglican Church amongst the community there.

Locals on the island tell Island Sun that around 4am on Monday morning, a gush of strong winds hit the island, lasting for nearly three hours.

Many barricaded themselves in their homes and some, who have cyclone designed houses, had to dig deep.

Daylight revealed the extent of the damages, with many homes having their roofs blown off, home-made kitchens and huts blown to the ground, roads blocked with fallen trees, and water tanks damaged.

“The strong winds had occurred around 4am Monday morning in which luckily there was no injury,” locals report to the paper.

They are currently calling on the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to assess their situation as they are in need for assistance.

An officer of NDMO spoken to, who wishes not to be named, says his office is currently having talks on sending an officer to the island to assess the damage, but cannot elaborate when this will take place.

A house in central Bellona has its corrugated iron roof and walling
blown off.