Strong association encourages strong business


Ms Schettler tries to explain product innovation to women during the training.

AN entrepreneur expert from United Stated Ms Greta Schettler says strong association can stimulate strong and successful business initiatives for women.

Ms Greta is currently on a tour offering entrepreneur training in three Melanesia countries, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

She was here in the country over the weekend facilitating a two-day training for women on Saturday and Sunday.

In an interview with Island Sun, Ms Schettler said the concept of women in business development is equally important on how a country develops association to look after women who are interested to venture into business.

She said women in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands have different skill-set but equal ambitions.

“One of the thing that is very valuable that I found during my time with women in Port Vila is that, the concept of how women develop a strong business is also applicable on how women develop strong association with strong network,” Ms Schettler said.

She emphasised that networking and having other like-minded individuals in idea sharing is very important in creating ways forward for women to become successful in business.

Ms Schettler said proper planning with commitment will also help drive women to success in their business endeavours.

She encourages women in Solomon Islands to start business either in small or medium scale to help grow their families, communities as well as the country’s economy.

“For women who are planning to start a business, try it, put in a good plan, and don’t be afraid to fail, most entrepreneurs fail.

“Remove the mindset and barriers that always hinder women from achieving their goals in life and move on,” Ms Schettler said.

She said tourism is growing in the country and that presents lots of business opportunities for women.

Ms Schettler also advised women not be afraid of failing in business.

“Failing gives advantage to success, so start and try something somewhere,” she said.

Ms Schettler stressed that she is excited to come back in the future and see how women have progressed with their business.

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