As the nation gears up for the upcoming April National General Elections, the air is thick with anticipation and hope for change. Citizens across the country are voicing their desires for a brighter future and envisioning the alterations they wish to witness once the elections conclude.Let’s hear from these individuals

Peter Tongodou,

Interviewed at Point Cruz, Heritage Park

“Whether there is a change of leadership or not after the election, I want them (candidates) to be fair to everyone. No matter I voted for the candidate or not but if you win the seat, you have to be fair to everyone and everyone must have a share of development.” 

William Nunu

Interviewed at Point Cruz 

I want to encourage voters to take a critical look and vote wisely so we can see changes, if we still vote the same leadership we might not see changes. In terms of development change I want to see, I want improvement on education. This is important to help people so that they are aware of issues and they can create ideas on how to improve lives. This means more schools, classrooms and scholarships” 

David Mali

Interviewed at Point Cruz

We must vote good candidate so we can see changes, a change of leadership might be good. As a voter from East Honiara, Health is important area, there is currently no clinics in east Honiara we have to come to central Honiara for medical check so that is one an area that needs improvement”

Rose Wale

Interviewed at Point Cruz, National Art Gallery

After the election, the development I want to see is the road and the economy. For people like myself who are market vendors, I also want more support in terms of funding to help improve our craft stores. I also hope to see a change of leadership as well”

Elisabeth Laboi

Interviewed at Point Cruz, National Art Gallery

There is currently a lot of talk about development, so one of the changes I want to see is the development of road in the provinces. I want candidate to work with landowners and communities to allow their land for roads. For people like myself who are market vendors, road is the only access, this is not only for our own good but the good of the community”

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